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Scrolls of Yellow Ge Gauze

Qing dynasty (1644-1911)
Length: 56.3 cm
Guangdong Production

The plant ge (Latin name "Pueraria lobata", Japanese name "Kudzu") is a perennial herb. Because ge fibers can be spun into gauze that is durable, permeable and has properties of absorption, it is good fabric for summer wear. Ge gauzes from Guangdong Province enjoyed immense national popularity for a long time. The Guangzhou Provincial Gazetteer (Guangzhou fuzhi, published in 1759, compiled by Dai Zhaochen) records that "The Guangdong gauzes are used by all under Heaven". Ge gauzes from Guangdong Province were cherished imperial tribute. Among them, those spun in Leizhou, Zengcheng, and Chaozhou were the most prestigious. Incidentally, the wrappers of the gauze scrolls are marked with "Zengcheng ge" which indicates the production location.